Everything started a while ago, when my responsibility was to make simple graphics for a tiny game jam project with friends. I did some pixel art during the jam and after, as the development was going forward and we are about to play the very first level. It was awesome, unfortunately the game’s status is “on hold” for a pretty long time now (with no ETA).

Recently I have found all these sprites on my drive, gathering digital dust. Since there are many topics on Reddit or Twitter about people in need of in-game assets, I thought that maybe there is a game developer who would benefit from:

  • 23 enemy animations (5 enemies – Ra, cobra, blow-piper, zombie in sneakers, warrior with scimitar)
  • 18 desert map tiles (including rotations, not every engine supports rotation from Tiled)
  • 23 items (ex. potions, grenades, old map, book, pistol, dog food, door, torch, med-kit)
  • 3 animated map objects (HP well, fountain, cave with mysterious, blinking red eye)
  • 1 animated trap (Spikes!)
  • 9 plants (for walls, green with flowers)
  • 3 selection states (frames)
  • 1 hero walk

You can see some of these assets below:





All assets are in clean sprites (including animation frames), 32px tiles. You can download whole package here.

You can use this assets in free and commercial projects, but don’t resell it or claim it to be your own work. I hope this resources will help you build some nice prototypes.