We will never know: developer, designer, musician, filmmaker, carpenter, magician (cards only, no rabbits)… and still discovering.


My journey with web design and development started a couple years ago, as a “that websites and graphics guy”. It included all kinds of services, like designing templates, banners, signatures (Ah, forum “sigs” and phpBB days), avatars, headers – I touched pretty much everything that can be associated with web graphics. Finally, I found a genre I belong to, minimalism; clean, toned, elegant and balanced design.

I was doing my best to extract value from ever-changing trends and add as much as possible to my projects. It led to exploring other skills, like cutting to HTML/CSS, scripting, building custom themes, then custom solutions – transitioning into a developer, step by step. I was checking under every web development rock to find something new to learn, back-end, databases, server management didn’t scare me. However, deep inside, everything was always finding its way back to UI related problems, and nothing connects design and development like front-end development, that I’m happy to be doing now [for a few years].


I’m fluent in HTML, CSS, JS and PHP (although I tend to work almost exclusively with Node nowadays). To put into buzzwords, my skills include Bootstrap, Foundation, Bulma, jQuery, Node, Express, Hapi, Vue, MySQL, MongoDB, interface design, application design, API integration, unit testing, I have experience working with Laravel, WordPress, MODx, Grav and much more.

Other technologies and tools worth mentioning are Git, Gulp, Webpack, templating engines (Handlebars, Twig, EJS), Sass, Less, PostCSS. I’m also familiar with popular methodologies (e.g. BEM, OOCSS) and concepts/approaches (e.g. functional programming).

Lastly, industry changes rapidly, so there is a high chance some of this tools seem outdated and others are not listed – just ask.

Thank you, good luck, have a nice day.