Sidenote: This part of the tutorial is technically finished, but requires polishing to reach quality of other tutorials on this blog. Thanks for understanding. Enjoy the code. Welcome to the part 2 of user authentication when we will setup a no-password alternative to the standalone user log in process introduced in part 1. If you […]

Sidenote: Skip to the Initial setup if you want to dive straight into tutorial. If you are interested only in e-mail authentication, part 2 of the tutorial can be found in the next post. Passwords, pretty simple and effective system one would say… hundreds years ago. Nowadays, it’s a nightmare of the Internet users across […]

Everyone, at some point, has to fetch data which structure is based on pivot table(s). Imagine simple mechanism of posts and categories. Posts belong to different categories, so here comes first pivot table with many-to-many relation. This very post is being assigned to “Dev”, “Laravel” and “General”, but there are other posts linked to “Dev” […]

Recently I wanted to add time zone support to my website, it’s kind of calendar after all. I started digging fir different solutions, tips, tricks and advice. Well, StackOverflow is more than flooded with different suggestions, but most of them are outdated. Let’s start with simple scenario to avoid empty talk. At the end you […]

Although I will use it in the example, it’s not exclusively for Bootstrap. It’s not exclusively for Laravel too, but there is handy tip related to this framework. Let’s just call it outputting query elements into clean 3-column HTML in PHP. Problem: You would like to list all published posts from blog in form of […]

SMTP, PHP mail and sendmail are 3 drivers which are available in Laravel out of the box. Recently someone posted that he couldn’t make mailing work, but changing driver to PHP mail fixed it. Well, that’s one way of putting it as when asked for code, all he changed was sender’s e-mail address. Unfortunately that’s […]

Story behind the tut: Yesterday on #Laravel IRC one of users wanted to build “filter” which will return true or false based on post’s published column information. Well, after couple of code forks filter idea have died and was replaced with if statement in route (only 2 functions, so no drama), but why not share […]

Scenario: User has a collection of cars and each of them has one of 3 garage labels attached to it. They are named: It’s fast!, Like a boss, Common cameo, to fit style of a car. When (s)he is adding a car to the list, (s)he can choose where particular car should be assigned. You […]

Tutorial, tutorial! Yes! I have been setting up Laravel to host it on my local machine and had small glitch when accessing it. Decision was simple, check if anybody had similar issue. When browsing different installation related topics, I found that many people have a problem with installing Laravel to work on localhost. Let’s change […]