Issue is very straight forward, system boots up, we see the greeter, and after logging in… nothing, a black screen (sometimes there is flickering). After a short time it will come back to the greeter with option to log in, “again”, but if we try to do that the process repeats; hence why the issue […]

Recently my list of followed organizations (I usually try to follow real people over companies) grew a bit, especially these talking design. It didn’t take long until articles started showing up on my feed (many of them repeatedly… very repeatedly). Since companies try different gimmicks to keep you on their website and to read “just […]

Everything started a while ago, when my responsibility was to make simple graphics for a tiny game jam project with friends. I did some pixel art during the jam and after, as the development was going forward and we are about to play the very first level. It was awesome, unfortunately the game’s status is […]

Sidenote: This part of the tutorial is technically finished, but requires polishing to reach quality of other tutorials on this blog. Thanks for understanding. Enjoy the code. Welcome to the part 2 of user authentication when we will setup a no-password alternative to the standalone user log in process introduced in part 1. If you […]

Sidenote: Skip to the Initial setup if you want to dive straight into tutorial. If you are interested only in e-mail authentication, part 2 of the tutorial can be found in the next post. Passwords, pretty simple and effective system one would say… hundreds years ago. Nowadays, it’s a nightmare of the Internet users across […]

Everything started with a very simple statement, that I don’t like video tutorials for coding matters. It’s not that I hate on videos; they are great for all kinds of software tuts, talks, monologues, podcasts and so on, but personally I found it much more comfortable to take a fast glimpse at code highlights and […]

This time Design Time will be all about do(s) and don’t(s). I tend to run into some really annoying things on the Internet, mutations of auto-play video and register [with your “fake-trolling-e-mail-you-never-check”] to browse, and finally started writing these gems down. I will be listing things I can fully explain and do my best to […]

If you are interested in web design and web development, you are probably aware that Font Awesome received an update in last few days. It introduces 71 new icons and some syntax changes, but unless you have been extensively using default styling or come from version earlier than 4.0.2, you shouldn’t worry too much – […]

Recently I was experiencing a lot of fuss about user interactions, but what captured my attention was mechanism related to “hold on hover” state and action following this procedure. Let’s start with how I got tricked in the first place which is great example of “not moving your cursor”. It was a dark, rainy day […]

If you are using Bootstrap 3 and took at least a glimpse at JavaScript features, you should be familiar with its Scrollspy option. It allows you to track section which user is currently browsing and do a menu-like representation what makes navigation on a website, with complex structure or just a long column of data, […]