Let’s start with 2GB of HDD space, 8GB monthly transfer and 2% of processor power per day. This are very basic parameters of hosting used with this very blog and my gaming project I started earlier in June, 2012. My WordPress setup is very simple and lightweight, no related posts, not too many plugins etc. […]

Yesterday I was implementing some changes to Belar Design blog to push it even feature in terms of exposure. Pretty important thing today that should be a standard (I was struggling to do it over a year now… shame.) are friendly URLs or permalinks. WordPress makes it pretty easy to set them up, it`s a […]

One day which was basically as bad as this idea I decided to try out some other HTML/CSS editor. Normally I use Notepad++, but… I just had a feeling I want a change. Not more than 10 sec and Google received “best html/css editor” search order. After a few little discussions with other coders I […]

… or actually create one? Hey! Who doesn`t like games? You like games, I can tell. :) Personally I`m considering myself a gamer, not pro, but games had and partially still have huge influence on my life. Of course everything started with board games, after which we got computers, which really gave us uncountable amount […]

I went through many icon-packs not so long ago and I have never seen any MODx icon. There was nothing you would place to mark activity of MODx on a site. To change it I did my best to make icon and some kind of “badge” which can be used to mark use of MODx. […]

Pretty often I dive into MODx knowledge channels like forum or twitter and I found lots of “Revo permissions management is a hell”-like topic. Personally I don`t know what’s so bad about this new system without manager and web user split. It inspired me to create tutorial about creating site with member registration and member-only […]

Few days ago I started new personal project that will contain news system, multiple (changing every day) content-boxes and I asked myself “How I’m gonna manage to do it on MODX with at least basic automatization?”. To make it all clear let’s get an example. We are going to make site with: – 1 news […]

Once I had a blog about inspiring findings (with the same name, but on Blogspot, not my custom blog). Later I changed blogging platform, started doing tutorials and some additional things made it impossible due to time issue. After small post about “850 meters” animation I thought “why not to start posting inspiring findings again?”. […]

I remember when I was testing different CMSs and I installed MODx. It was like “Wow, this one must be powerful, but it`s too complicated…”. It was a while ago, but even tho I`m now writing tutorials for MODx I was wrong back than (about too complicated of course). When you are total newbie (like […]

I was trying to figure out about what next tutorial should be. Than I started browsing #MODx tweets, Evo and Revo problems forums and it shows off that lots of people have a problem with setting up proper spam protection on their sites. It`s not gonna be a tutorial how to set captcha up, I […]