Pretty long time passed since I posted anything about MODx. Today I would like to mention some snippets/components/plug-ins that are kind of “must-haves” when we are building site based on MODx Evolution or Revolution as we will check on them both. MODx is very flexible, we all know that, but what make it even more […]

Welcome back in my installation guide for MODx, I hope you enjoyed first part which you can find here. In case it`s not obvious next to title of each step you can see link to screen shoot, I found it more comfortable than stick all this big (only way to make it detailed enough) in […]

Hi, I was about to start new tutorial and mancandy thing when I realised I didn`t post anything since late September in here. That`s not really healthy for the blog which wasn`t even stable with numbers of visits. Now I`m pretty down to zero again, but hey… I was fighting to keep myself up (exams) […]

I was looking for topic for next tutorial but didn`t find anything cool in my mind. However I got and idea to write down some basic moves that make your live with MODx easier, at least when starting your adventure with this CMS. 1. Create database on your own MODx has option to create database […]

Few days ago I was asked about using Maxi Gallery plugin and jQuery library together on Modx-based site. I remember my first steps with Modx, when I solved this problem by using “pop-up” mode for random photos on the main page. Sounds a bit pathetic but not longer than a day later I was happy […]

Welcome to refreshed tut. After (exactly!) 3 years I decided to do some adjustments to old tutorial about setting up drop-down menu in MODX when using Wayfinder plugin. Many people said that they would like to see Revolution version of the guide, so here it is. I also added some things based on comments (like […]

I have pleasure to announce that I’ve made some thinking in last few days and decided to make some changes to this site and my blog which was tracking about inspirations. I hope it`s gonna be more interesting and user-friendly after all of this. First of all I decided to make Inspiring Findings blog a […]

Have you ever managed to make such a big mess on your desk so everything was distracting you and you couldn`t work? Of course you can be this type that have all things sorted and on their places every time. I`m not that type of guy, by the time my desk usualy becomes pretty “overmessed” […]

“Hello world”, always good to say when something with at least 1 line of code has been published. After small turbulences during WordPress 3.0 update (mid-circural transator error) site is back. I won`t write all this stuff about higher purpose of this blog. However I would like to post there some freebies, tutorials and many […]