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Ongoing side & passion projects

  • Indie Cinema

    Better view for Vimeo videos, based on list of custom channels.

    Website GitHub

  • Hapi Vue

    Template for Vue CLI, bundling powers of Vue JS (front-end library) and Hapi JS (back-end framework). It includes Gulp + BrowserSync + Nodemon + Webpack HMR (with independent hot reload and restart) + ESLint + Unit Testing (Karma, Mocha, Chai, Sinon)

    Hapi Vue [GitHub]

Ray of sunshine to the freelance world. I’ve never really had a good experience with hiring online until I started working with him about a month ago. He’s professional, creative, charismatic and an overall incredible person to work with. He meets every deadline with extraordinary care and punctuality, he is an amazing communicator. Every step of the way he’s constantly asking for your opinion and your input. I could not be happier with the work he’s done and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to continue working with him in the future.


I initially enlisted Pawel to help with a small side project. His professionalism, fast response time, scope of services and extremely high quality of work have now made him my go-to freelancer. What I like best is that he asks great questions to make sure he comprehensively understands my business needs, then follows with good recommendations I had often not considered that help me make wise decisions. I cannot recommend him highly enough.


Dreamhack Facelift

Unofficial redesign of one of the biggest LAN events in the world, featuring landing page, stream library and news section. It’s an outcome of a small scale research about websites focused on promoting live events for gamers, conducted during my activity in the esports industry.

The primary goal was to make the most important data for potential attendants (both on-site and via digital media) to be easily accessible without extensive effort. Although competitions, partners and exhibition possibilities are important part of an event, it shouldn’t be a surprise that visitors are more likely to look for ticket prices, accommodation possibilities, stage maps, event dates and live broadcast schedule.

Photographs courtesy of Dreamhack’s [Flickr].

Scope: design


New look of cryptocurrency exchange website.

Electrons is a one-page design focused around fast and simple currency exchange. It features basic characteristics of Electrons system which are independence, speed and low cost. It also keeps a short log of recent transactions and presents current exchange rate in a handy manner.

Scope: design front-end dev.


It was a service connecting powerful blogging platform with ease of access and variety of content upload options of Google Docs.

Prime aspect of Librific was to achieve clean and simple presentation of text-based data like novels, lyrics, poems or essays. There was no modern solution that would target this segment, most of them were using old school, unresponsive, cluttered design unsuitable for the new market that was created with the rise of mobile devices.

Librific featured clean, minimalist, modern design with big focus on typography and text presentation.

Photo of Coffee Shop curtesy of Neo_II.

Code: Librfic on GitHub

Scope: design front-end dev.


Deckard is a game engine written to enhance development of digital trade card games. It’s being developed by Fenix who asked me to design a logo that will represent his creation. The logo successfully represents Deckard on websites like Trello or BitBucket awaiting official release.

Scope: design

Things 4 Streams

Things 4 Streams is one of my personal projects. It is a boutique graphics shop with high quality resources for streamers and content creators (ex. Twitch streamers, YouTubers).

The shop supports both amateurs and professionals, improving aestethics of thusands of channels of users across the globe. Main focus of Things 4 Streams is to deliver the highest quality product that is safe to use with heavily monetized content.

Scope: design front-end dev. back-end dev.

Visit: Things 4 Streams

Skiklub T-Shirt

Skiklub is a skiing club that (although from Poland) is the most active on slopes of France and Austria. They are very active group, representing top brands from the world of winter sports and were in need of something that will reflect they positive crazyness about skiing and snowbarding.

Vector graphic curtesy of bryman.

Scope: design


Logo designed for an esports betting platform. Intentions were to keep it fun and playful.

Scope: design