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I’m a software engineer specializing in web technologies, working primarly on front end, building websites and web applications. My work ranges from requests of individuals, through solutions for agencies and startups, to open-source projects.

I work mostly in JavaScript (including TypeScript), HTML, and CSS. To put it into buzzwords, my skills include Node (Express, Feathers, Hapi), JS front end frameworks (React, Vue, Nuxt, Gatsby), noSQL databases (Mongo), RDBMS (MySQL, Postgres), API integration, unit testing (Jest, Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Jasmine).

Other technologies and tools worth mentioning are Git, Gulp, bundlers (Webpack, Rollup, Parcel), templating engines (Handlebars, Twig, EJS), CSS preprocessors (Sass, Less), PostCSS, Docker (inc. Docker Compose).



Mission of the company is to improve online registration process. I joined the team as a JavaScript engineer, working closely with design and marketing teams. My contributions include work on the main product, as well as variety of companion solutions and internal tools. In addition to implementation, I help to design future solutions and features.


Design and implementation of the new look for cryptocurrency gateway provider. GoCoin needed fresh look to replace dated design of their website. The goal was to make it clean and direct, something that will utilize existing structure, but improve readability and allow to present more information, highlight solution's strengths, and better showcase options offered by their service. My work covered design and front-end, which has been passed to the Go Coin team for integration.

Remote Jobs EU

Job board-aggregator, listing remote work opportunities from around the world, which are available for developers from Europe - aimed to solve the problem of remote jobs with "US only" restriction. RJEU allowed direct entry submission, but also adding jobs listed on other platforms, which have been then processed (title, tags, category) and link back to the original source. Website featured extended data parsing, GitHub and GitLab login integration, content management and moderation dashboards, with clean, minimalist design.


Prime aspects of Librific was to achieve clean and simple presentation of text-based data, like novels, lyrics, poems or essays. There was no modern solution that would target this segment, most of them were using old school, unresponsive, cluttered design. Librific allowed storage of text, with no distraction, book-like (book as primary unit, with smaller units ala chapters) presentation of content, WYSIWIG editor, and user [author] profiles with interaction options (e.g. following, "liking", new content notifications).


VidSync allowed its users to create “cinema” rooms and upload video content to watch together, in sync. Among multiple built-in mechanisms you could find: room-wide playback controls with role-based restritions, video synchronization, chat (with user management and command support), encoding (each video available in multiple resolutions), and beta access program. Everything orchestrated with admin panel, room and content management dashboard, and home page for featured content presentation. As a sole developer I worked on an early prototype of the platform. The project was a great opportunity to face various programming challenges.

Other Projects

Atom IDE

Member of Atom IDE Community, developing packages that extend Atom's (text editor from GitHub) functionality with IDE-like features.

Space CLI

Space launch related information in terminal. Provides quick accesses to schedule, rocket type, available streams, and mission details for upcoming space launches.

TFS Multi-stream

Web-application for watching multiple Twitch channels with easy player's focus change. Great for watching squads, multi-stream tournaments, or as a waiting room.


I initially enlisted Belar to help with a small side project. His professionalism, fast response time, scope of services and extremely high quality of work have now made him my go-to freelancer. What I like best is that he asks great questions to make sure he comprehensively understands my business needs, then follows with good recommendations I had often not considered that help me make wisedecisions. I cannot recommend him highly enough.Jeremiah

Ray of sunshine to the freelance world. I’ve never really had a good experience with hiring online until I started working with him about a month ago. He’s professional, creative, charismatic and an overall incredible person to work with. He meets every deadline with extraordinary care and punctuality, he is an amazing communicator. Every step of the way he’s constantly asking for your opinion and your input. I could not be happier with the work he’s done and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to continue working with him in the future.Tariel